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Qingdao Wolin Spring Industrial Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful West Coast new area. The West Coast new area is the ninth national level new area approved by the State Council. It is located in the blue economic zone of Shandong Peninsula, Bohai rim economic circle and Jiaodong economic circle, and in the core area between Beijing Tianjin Hebei and Yangtze River Delta metropolitan areas. Facing Japan and South Korea across the sea, it has the strategic advantage of connecting East and West and connecting north and south. It is the main access to the sea in the Yellow River Basin and an important channel in the east of Eurasian Continental Bridge Endpoint. As a key development area in Shandong Province and a new highland in Shandong Province, it is the gateway of China's Free Trade Zone Qingdao.

Qingdao Wolin Spring Industrial Co., Ltd. focuses on the R & D and manufacturing of medical protection products, adheres to the enterprise development principle of "defending life with quality", and serves global consumers. During the outbreak of cowid-19, the company focused on controlling the product quality, pursuing the continuous improvement of the production process, and actively engaged in the production of medical surgical masks (sterile) / disposable medical masks / disposable medical masks for children / kn95 daily protective masks / disposable protective masks / disposable medical inspection gloves / medical rubber inspection gloves / isolation clothes / medical isolation shoe covers, etc, We have obtained the Chinese medical device registration certificate, Chinese medical device production license, European Union CE certification, US FDA and a series of international authoritative organizations' recognition of walling spring. In spring, warlin will control the quality of products, increase production capacity and export higher protection products with stricter standards, and make a contribution to the epidemic, and strive for the early health of people in all countries!

At present, the company is planning the development of corporatization to make the company more market-oriented and standardized. In the future, Wolin spring products will gradually steadily increase sales in the international and domestic markets, and win the reputation of consumers by relying on high-quality product quality.

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