How long is the term of use of disposable mask?

2020-04-28 00:00

Disposable masks cannot be reused. They usually need to be replaced after 6-8 hours. And both sides of the mask cannot be replaced, because the outer layer of the mask often accumulates a lot of dust, bacteria and other dirt in the outside air, while the inner layer prevents the exhaled bacteria and saliva. If the two sides are replaced, some dirt and other substances on the outer layer will be directly attached to the nose and mouth, and they will enter the human body through the respiratory tract and affect human health.

  After using the dust mask, pay attention to put it in a clean envelope. When storing, it should be folded close to the nose and mouth. Do not put it in your pocket or hang it around your neck. In addition, we should also pay attention to the validity of disposable masks. Do not use expired masks. They can only be used once and must be destroyed after use. If the package is found damaged at the time of purchase, it shall not be purchased or used. When you buy it, you should pay attention to its production date and buy products that will be produced in the near future.

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