How to choose the true and false of disposable mask?

2020-04-28 00:00

1.View product registration number:

  Usually, the product registration number will be marked on the outer package of more conventional medical masks, and the numbering rules are usually as follows: X is the abbreviation of each province, such as Hubei, Zhejiang, Guangdong, etc. +Registration year + 264 (64 categories of class II medical equipment) + number.

  It can be distinguished by online access to the website of the State Drug Administration. If the query function assumes that it is a medical surgical mask / medical protective mask, it can be used safely. If the words such as "disposable surgical mask", "disposable non-woven medical mask", "disposable medical mask" and "ordinary medical mask" are not included in the official recommended medical surgical mask without surgery, medical treatment does not mean surgical treatment.

2.Production standard:

  (kn95 / N95) production standard is gb19083-2010, medical surgical mask standard number is yy0469-2011, other anti haze standard is gb2626-2006, usually industrial protective mask, enough to avoid droplets. Assuming that the production standard of the mask does not meet the above standards, the mask is counterfeit.


  From outside to inside, disposable medical mask is divided into three layers: waterproof layer, filter layer and comfort layer, which is divided into white face and blue face. However, the material used for the mask is relatively thin. Some of them have only a very thin layer, which is very transparent and is not divided into blue and white sides.


  Real masks are strictly disinfected before they leave the factory and usually have no other odor. However, if it is an inferior counterfeit or recycled product, it usually has a strong pungent smell.

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